June 15, 2019
People often ask what are the options that give them the
best return on their investment, let’s take a look…


One of the most asked questions the TK sales team gets is, “what options should I spend money on”. They are asking what options give you the best return on the cost of that option when you sell your home.


The answer to that question is easy, making your home larger does more than anything to add value to your home. Appraisal values break your home down to a value per square foot. In general, those can be from $110 to $160 per foot depending on the home you’re building, the finishes in the home and the area you are building in. You can make your home larger for less than $75 per square foot. As you can see, the equity in your home goes up as you make it larger in most cases.


The other two areas to focus on are kitchens and master baths. Those are focal points for people when they are assessing how desirable a home is and then what they value the home at.